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Ryookyung Kim is a Tkaronto-based artist with a focus in tattooing and visual storytelling.

Through a queer, racial, and non-binary lens, their recent personal work has been all about grieving, acceptance, and radical love. They strive to explore and honour their personal growth by creating space for thoughts and feelings to exist, that often reside in realms of sadness, uncertainty, and nostalgia – even when it feels uncomfortable.

They are inspired by their friends, nature, social & disability justice, and cartoons.

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    The purpose of this mailing list is to practice slowing down for myself and be more present with my art practice. Living with chronic pain & fatigue, I am finding it harder to be active on social media. The plan is to send out newsletters on a monthly basis with my booking status, new & available tattoo flash, tattoos I've done, travel info and other fun stuff. I hope to see you there!